Meller Screen Chauen Minor Eco


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Chauen Minor Eco

• Why Blue Light?

After spending an average of 8 hours a day in front of a screen, we are exposed to blue light for many hours, causing visual fatigue, damage to the retina, ocular degeneration … The blue light glasses contribute to cancel the blue light, preventing fatigue and visual stress, reducing brightness to have a more comfortable vision and providing better contrast to see more natural colors.

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• UV PROTECTION : UV400 – Blue light
• LENS : CR39
• MATERIAL : Bio-based G850
• MEASUREMENTS : Width: 136 mm, Height: 42 mm, Depth: 142 mm
• SHAPE : Geometric
• LENS COLOR : Glass
• FRAME COLOR : Crystal

Designed for a perfect balance between comfort and durability


In 2014, Sergi Benet, Borja Nadal and Marco Grandi launched Meller after their stay in Kuala Lumpur, where they traveled after finishing their degree to participate in a startup incubator in Malaysia. In its beginnings, the brand began selling its first products from the storage room of one of the creators, until today they have established themselves as one of the most influential brands on the national scene.

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